About Us

Stackpointer Solutions was created to be a security minded and privacy friendly alternative to other software companies.

Our Mission

We are changing the world, one pointer at a time Stackpointer Solutions LLC aims to make each project for beyond great

Our Plan

Our goal is to make every project we do the best one on the market

Our Vision

We want a world where every application is providing privacy and security by the default, until we get there we are starting with our own applications


We love what we do which results in us providing happiness to both the client and the end user


We love to create, let us help you create the best product possible

Strategical Taxation

We help clients get a global structure that fits them


Since we are developers we love to automate things, We help companies automated everything from accounting to customer handling

No bullshit

We will never spam your inbox, send sales people after you or anything similar. What we will do is objectively provide a great service you are happy with.

Payment Gateways

We help you to accept both credit cards and crypto currency


We listen to you, communication is key to a successful relation ship both for you and for us

Read for you idea to become live?

We are working on cool ideas, if you have a great idea and are looking for someone to build it, we are here for you

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Our Skills

We know what it takes to go from idea to production, no mather if it is designing a tax plan or applications with millions of users, We are here to make your application a reality.

Development 100%
Security 100%
Innovation 200%
Web hosting 100%
Blogging 100%
SEO 80%


We walk the walk, talk the talk and deploy the production infrastructure, we are also:


We are crypto friendly and open to work with clients on all continents of the globe


Our goal is to provide top off the line solutions not to violate your privacy


We are a global team ready for tackle our clients, whereever they are located


Our team is ofcourse speaking multiple languages

Our Portfolio

  • All
  • App
  • Blockchain
  • Web

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Are you looking for a top of the line company to build your project? We are waiting for you